• JETZ - Definitive Edition (advanced jet fighter combat simulator) - PEGI 7 - FREE @ Google Play
    • Posted 14/04/2022
    • Expired 29/01/2023
    About this deal

    Welcome to the most advanced jet fighter combat simulator! Engage in the most epic dogfights in the cockpit of the legendary F16 Fighting Falcon! Gun down your enemies with an arsenal of incredible weapons such as heat-seaking and radad guided missiles or rapid fire high caliber machine guns!

    Here are some of the main features of this game :

    - Extreme High Quality HD Graphics, with different adjustalble levels of detail and quality to ensure a smooth gameplay on any device!

    - Two different flight modes, featuring a simple control for beginners and a highly realistic simulator mode for the expert jet-fighter pilots out there!

    - Future developments / updates will include a massive online multiplayer mode and more aircraft to choose from!


    A game by The Lonely Developer - An Independent Developer

    More details at Google Play



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