Customs duty applicable on international shopping exceeding Dh300

  • Posted 557 days ago

If you love shopping internationally, there are new customs regulations that have come into effect from January 1, 2023, which you should keep in mind before you get your items couriered to you from outside the UAE.

Following a notice from Dubai Customs – Notice No. 5 of 2022 – items with a value above Dh300 are now subject to customs clearance and customs duties.

All goods with value that does not exceed Dh300, imported for personal purposes are exempt from customs duties.

Here is a breakdown of all the charges you will need to factor in, if the value of the item exceeds Dh300:

- 5% import customs duty charge

- 5% Value Added Tax (VAT)

This breakdown does not apply to tobacco, tobacco products, e-cigarettes and nicotine liquids.

Tobacco, tobacco products, e-cigarettes and nicotine liquids are subject to a higher customs duty at the rate of 200 per cent in addition to the “sin tax” which is applied also to sugary drinks.

Goods imported with a value of less than Dh300 will be exempted from customs duties. But tobacco, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, nicotine liquid, alcoholic beverages and foods containing alcohol are excluded from the exemption of customs duties.

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