LIFE HACK / TIPS / FACTS about Dubai (or UAE)

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A complete list of LIFE HACK / TIPS / FACTS about Dubai (or UAE) for anyone who is new here:


  • 7275: Dubai parking, <numberplate> <area code> <number of hours>
  • example: A12345 331A 2
  • 5566: Sharjah Parking, <emirate code (DXB, SHJ, AUH, etc)> <number> <number of hours>
  • example: DXB 12345 2

Random (but useful)

  • Setup your UAE Pass account and make your life a bit easier
  • Pay your traffic fines on December 2nd, because of the national day there will be some discount especially in Sharjah, Umm al quwain, Fujairak, Rak
  • Get a Nol card, public transport is WAY cheaper than cars. For example, getting to work using a cab is AED 32 for me, and by metro, it's AED 3.
  • If you like to bike subscribe to careem plus for 19AED/month, will give you access to free bike, free food delivery, 10% on careem ride and many others advantages.
  • If you are looking for new furniture, a car, or electronics (or planning to sell them), and you are low on cash to get a brand new one, just check the same item on Dubizzle or Facebook marketplace and see if it's available there.
  • If you want to see what all is happening in Dubai, Visit this
  • If you have completely remote work (all 5 days WFH) and you want to save up on money and you don't care much about living in big cities, Live in Sharjah. It's WAY cheaper than Dubai. The basic rule of thumb is the further you get away from Abu Dhabi and Dubai the cheaper the rent is.
  • CALL the restaurant and order directly from them if they have drivers, Zomato (RIP), Talabat, Noon, and Instashop keep as much as 20-30% of the order. The restaurants really appreciate it if you could just call and order from them. AND ALSO it's cheaper than ordering it from the app.
  • Guide to buying alcohol
  • If you are in Sharjah: Unisat
  • If you are in Dubai: MMI or Windmill (Ghantoot)
  • Other places: The Original Barracuda (UAQ), richmond trading (RAK), JMK cellars (RAK)

Be careful

  • One of the worst traffic fines is hitting a pedestrian and jumping a red light. Jumping a red light can give you 12 black points and impounding the car for 30 days (AED 3000 to take it out of the impound)
  • Be careful of your Salik account balance, you only have 10 days to refill your Salik balance, otherwise, it's AED 150 fine.
  • Here are ALL THE TRAFFIC FINES there are 140 different ways to get traffic fines in Dubai
  • If you are good with money get a Credit Card, it will give you a lot of advantages, free tickets to cinema, cashback, airport lounge....
  • BE VERY CAREFUL about Instagram shops in Dubai, it is usually a scam, or poor products
  • If you work in Dubai and live in Sharjah, beware of the 40mins+ traffic you have to go through, you might think it's okay initially, but it will have a huge effect on your mental health and your time in general.
  • BUY FUEL-EFFICIENT CARS, fuel is really cheap here, and getting a fuel-efficient car will save you a lot of money.
  • Don't insult any religion (especially Islam), or culture or mock anyone UAE takes very strict actions against that.

Useful Apps:

  • Dubai Now: This app lets you basically pay for everything, I pay my DEWA, Home Internet, Mobile bills, Traffic Fines, Nol, and Salik ALL WITH ONE SINGLE TAP.
  • Dubai Police: To report crimes, See / Pay for your traffic fines
  • Carrefour, Noon Daily, Instashop: These apps will allow you to order groceries at home and they reach in 30-40 mins.
  • UAE Pass: After you set it up, your login process for Dubai Now, DEWA and AlHosn, and all that become WAY easier.
  • Zofeur: Are you a bar/pub person, and you always end up drinking a bit too much and have to risk your life to get to your house? Use this app, A dude will come to your car and drop you home. It's kinda expensive, but not as expensive as a cab.
  • UrbanCompany: Home Service App, From part-time cleaners to handymen for plumbing, electrical, etc to PCR tests at home to even A BARBER AT YOUR DOOR to HOME SPA TREATMENT to PEST CONTROL, this has almost every service you need (other apps to check are Rizek and JustLife which provides something similar)
  • PropertyFinder & Bayut: Apps / Websites where you can rent or buy property,
  • Entertainer: Excellent discounts & offers on meals or drinks from restaurants.
  • Waze: Advantage over google map, it will show you all the radars
  • Tabby and Tamara: Monthly payment plan, even with a Debit card.

If you have any other good tips, let us know and we will complete the list.

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